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    American Mint’s Focus on Patriotic Spirit

    A collectibles company located near historic Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, American Mint focuses on coins, medals, die-cast replicas, and other memorabilia. Founded more than 30 years ago, American Mint maintains a commitment to customer satisfaction through a 30-day return policy, a fully staffed customer service line, and a special collector’s service for clients. An engaged member of the central Pennsylvania community and member of the Community Action Team, the company serves millions of customers around the globe.

    In addition to a commitment to customer satisfaction, American Mint focuses on the production of collectibles that recognize patriotic spirit and the love of the United States of America. This can be seen in items such as the 1933 Double Eagle Archival Edition Commemorative Coin. All coins at the company are enhanced by top-class artistry and design skills, with some of them requiring as much as 480 tons of pressure to produce and approximately six months to finish from inception to completion.

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